Day at the beauty lounge

Day at the beauty lounge

Day at the beauty lounge.

An intimate, inspirational day of super-natural beauty wisdom with purity organic skincare and stellar facialist to the a-list, nuz shugaa, at the beauty lounge, soho.

What was on offer?

Nuz and her team of expert therapists dispensed a special skin plumping, turbo-charged, Purity Red Carpet facial, lasting fifteen sublime minutes. Nuz was also on hand to
offer inspiring tips and advice, on how to look and feel more beautiful, organically and naturally, of course!

Nuz’s Purity Organic Red Carpet Facial – perfect to try at home too.

The Recipe – The facial starts with a three step cleanse, using the conditioning creamy cleanser twice, and finishing with the facial wash, to leave skin super clean. Followed by hot flannels, gently applied to the face, and to remove all traces of cleanser. Then comes the Anti-Aging Serum and Mask for five minutes to cool, soothe and plump the skin.

Now for the expert bit – Nuz used the anti-ageing moisturiser and gave the skin a stimulating lymphatic massage to boost circulation. This leaves cheeks rosy-hued, and skin dewy, refreshed and alive. To finish – a sweep of everyday facial moisturiser to lock in a polished, velvet glow.

The Result – Skin appears firmer, cleaner and wonderfully soft and conditioned. Nuz’s A list Beauty Tip – If you do just one thing to improve the appearance of your skin, use a good organic or natural treatment oil or serum at night. You will learn to massage your skin, get to know its contours and wake up with glowing, nourished and beautiful skin.

To book an A list, Movie Star or Signature facial with Nuz –

Who was there?

Mamma Mia star – Rachel McDowall, see exclusive interview below. Kevin Hughes, Showbiz presenter from Capital Radio. Kevin is a big fan of Purity’s silky, creamy cleanser, revealing that it is great for a preshave, doesn’t foam up, cools and calms the skin beautifully.

Top makeup artist Louise Constad, who worked on The English Patient, and is a firm favourite of Helena Bonham Carter and Sophie Ellis Bextor. Louise wasn’t a big fan of facials until she met Nuz, pronouncing her facial the best she has ever had. After trying the special Purity Facial, she liked the two cleansers for their effective, yet gentle action. She was also impressed with the mild and creamy texture of Purity’s exfoliator.

A goodie bag of Purity products also winged its way over to Caroline Barnes, makeup artist for the X-Factor, when she couldn’t make it to the event. We can’t wait to hear her feedback!

The Interview

Rachel McDowall – We ran into the lovely Rachel McDowall, a glowing, pixie-faced, six-foot whirlwind girl on fire; and an inspiring, luminous advert for living a green and organic life. Rachel grows her own veg, loves to cook, and eat well, especially anything Italian. Plus, she really does drink lots of water, tends her veg patch, and keeps her skin in tip top A list condition by regularly seeing Nuz for a bespoke supernatural facial, jam-packed with Purity ingredients. In fact Rachel is treating her mum to a pamper session with Nuz this weekend.
Rachel’s favourite Purity products – I really like the fragrance free moisturiser as a night treatment cream. It’s great if your skin is sensitive. It’s quite thick and I use it on dry bits, like my nose and T-zone. My mum uses it too.

Why go organic with your beauty routine?

Why wouldn’t you? It is just common sense.

The lowdown on Rachel’s career, so far.

What started as a hobby, entering dance competitions in her native Liverpool from the age of four has now become a passion, and a brilliant career that has taken Rachel from The Liverpool Play House and London’s West End to Hollywood’s inner sanctum.

First break out of dance school?

Auditioning for Mel Brooks, ‘ funniest man on the planet’, meeting his wife, Anne Bancroft, ‘ a heroine of mine’, and taking over the lead role of Ula in the London production of The Producers, and then appearing in Chicago – ‘my dream job’.

Film Break

‘Making my film debut in Mamma Mia, playing one of Amanda Seyfried’s best friends, and having three incredible leading ladies to lookup to in Meryl, Christine and Julie; it was so much fun. The three of us – Amanda, Ashley and I are still super-close.’

What’s next?

Rachel has just finished shooting The Stranger and love is in the air with a starring role in a short film with Ralph Fiennes, and a new Broadway musical pencilled in for 2012 about speed dating – Fast Love.

Rachel’s Favourite Green Tip

‘If you are having your hair cut from long to short, and it’s an enormous length, donate it, which I’ve just done to a company called Locks of Love. They make wigs for kids with alopecia or going through chemo’ –

Why I Love Yoga

‘I’m really bad at aerobic exercise such as running or cycling; so yoga is great. I’ve really improved by lung capacity with Bikram yoga. When I come out of a class, I feel so empowered and all that sweating and detoxing leaves my skin glowing.’

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An intimate, inspirational day of super-natural beauty wisdom with purity organic skincare and stellar facialist to the a-list, nuz shugaa, at the beauty lounge, soho.

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Day at the beauty lounge

An intimate, inspirational day of super-natural beauty wisdom with purity organic skincare and stellar facialist to the a-list, nuz shugaa, at the beauty lounge, soho.

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